We Fix & Secure Websites Guaranteed

We fix websites from malware infections lightning fast. Magefix will do a complete cleanup, removing all malicous code you might have.

Five warning signs:

  • Slow website
  • Google malware warning
  • Emails blacklisted
  • SEO poisoning and spam activity
  • Page redirects and defacements

Magefix performs a thorough investigation, and fix hacked WordPress sites within a day. There are no monthly payments. Only one-time fees, starting from $69.


Magefix Security

We offer professional security support for your hacked website. And we're the best. Here's why:

Flexible and most affordable plans.
We reply lightning fast, usually within minutes.
Same-day website fix. Try us.
We offer 365-days free support. Never get hacked again. If it happens, we'll fix it for free.

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Steps we take fighting site malware

Full backup

We generate a full backup of your site, including databases and files - html's, php's and images.

Website scan

We locate infected files, site vulnerabilites and host intrusions.

Site Secure

We secure your website, setting the right folder & files permission.

Live again

Your website, important documents, customers and visitors are safe again.

Site Monitoring

We will monitor your website for 90 days, making sure your files are safe.

Fixing Reputation

Restore your online reputation - google blacklist removal and email blacklist removal.

How to find out that you're infected with malware

Go to: https://www.google.com/transparencyreport/safebrowsing/diagnostic/

Lookup through Google malware database, to find out if your website is really infected.

Go to: https://www.magefix.com/free

We will perform a free manual malware check on your website. We scan your website URL, using latest updated databases from security companies such as: BitDefender, Fortinet and Kaspersky.

Check if your emails are blacklisted - marked as spam

Go to: https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx

While being hacked, attackers might exploit your website to send out spam. It is important to check if you had such activity on your site, using Mxtoolbox. After malware cleaning, restoring your email reputation is the next top priority.

Magefix will fix your email reputation - it's a service we currently provide, and all your emails will reach again your users and customers.

After your website is secured

Google Blacklist Removal

Your visitors can safely access your website again, without any security warnings.

Email Blacklist Check

If your site was used for spam activities, all your legitimate outgoing correspondence will be marked as spam.

Website Updates

It's crucial to keep your site up-to-date, including plugins and themes. This way, you will disable all the security vulnerabilities.

Continuous monitoring

24/7 monitoring for detecting suspicious activity on your website.